Together We Can RISE

RISE is a student-centered program that strives to eliminate barriers and foster healthy learning. We are focused on serving students of color, low-income youth, and first-generation college students. RISE provides tutoring, academic advising, and social-emotional resources for a successful middle and high school experience. 


Omar Aden ’23

“RISE has given me a quiet work place, academic support when I need it, and keeps me on track with my school work each week. RISE helped me explore career opportunities and compete in events I might otherwise have not thought myself. RISE tutors help you feel included, give you information about things like summer camp which help me have a better understanding of what I want to do in my future.”

Ali Aden 7th Grade

“It has impacted my life and education by you know I use to have have missing assignments and I couldn’t catch up with them until I just went to RISE and I just caught up with missing homework and it’s just a blast and it’s just great and helps you learn more and catch up with your assignments and helps you with your life you know.”

Richard Camarillo ’22

“I definitely talk to my family about the RISE Program about how it’s helped me a lot with my grades and stuff; they know it when I come here that I get work done. I mean they can see it too. It’s helping a lot of kids and I’m an example of it. It’s definitely helped me a lot to not fall behind especially with these times of distance learning.”

David Aguilar-Toj 6th Grade

“It affects my life by getting help from teachers and getting my work done and having good grades and it educates me by improving and working hard and getting my stuff done on time and it’s a place where I chill out.”